made to order tableware


Image of made to order tableware Image of made to order tableware Image of made to order tableware

My tableware collection is a simple range of handmade and wheel-thrown pieces, including plates, bowls and serving dishes.

Each piece is unique and therefore the size, shape and colour will vary slightly across the collection. Small imperfections may occur, these are signs of the making process. Finished in an off white, semi matte glaze. Colours may differ slightly to the photos shown here. The exterior is unglazed, revealing the sandy, colour and texture of the stoneware.

The minimum order value is £150. Most orders will take about 4 weeks to complete, depending on my work schedule and the size of the order. Please contact me via the contact form to place an order.

Dinner plates - £28
Side plates - £18
Large bowls - £25
Small bowls - £18
A range of serving dishes are also available

Caring for your ceramics
All of the tableware listed has been tried and tested in my own home. The whole collection is dishwasher safe. However, as with most items in your kitchen, this may shorten the lifespan. Avoid using sharp serrated knives on the plates, such as bread knives.

Due to the glaze being matte, cutlery marks may appear. These are not scratches, but traces of metal that your cutlery leaves behind. These should be easy to wipe off. For more stubborn marks, you can occasionally use a power cream such as Barkeepers Friend. Please always follow the instructions on the bottle and thoroughly wash afterwards.